Factors to consider when doing insulated panel installation

Building industrial parks using insulated panels has changed the construction scene. Insulated panels are composed of robust steel or timber boards lining a foam core. Insulated panels come in different styles, designs, and finishes. The outside steel lining provides structural strength. Insulated panels offer a sustainable technique of building.

There are many factors that you have to consider when building your industrial park. Time is a critical aspect in any project. Insulated panels come ready to install. Therefore, if your project needs to be completed quickly, insulated panels are the right fit for you. Insulated panels also have several advantages over traditional construction techniques. Insulated panels can be installed in any weather condition.


Insulated panels come pre-cut and ready to set. Once they get to your site, all you need to do is stand them up in place on the pillars of your building. You can then fasten them properly using concealed fasteners in between joints of the panels. The outcome of using concealed screws is that you create a seamless wall. Corners also appear seamless.

The joints between the different panels should be air tight and should not allow any air to come in or go out. Ensure that you fill all joints with the appropriate sealant. The sealant should be manufactured to the best standards. Its main purpose is to prevent air and moisture interfering with the structural integrity of the joined panels. This will protect your equipment from damage by the contaminants in the environment.

Reinforcing the insulated panels

Although insulated panels are durable, their structure is not designed against water. It is important to consider safeguarding your building from water as you are doing the exterior finishing. You should install high-quality siding and good quality roofing.  If your structure has windows, it is important to flash all openings. This will prevent water leaking into the building. The flashing on the doors or windows directs water away from the wall.

Control your environment

Since a structure constructed with insulated panels is air tight, it is vital that you design a ventilation system. A controlled environment is ideal for many types of equipment. Some machines become less efficient with exposure to the environment. However, circulating air is also important, because a stuffy environment can damage the structure of your walls. Incorporate a ventilation system to take out gases from your plant. The ventilation system will also allow you to control aspects like humidity.