4 Creative Uses for Timber Crates

Timber crates can be used for packaging and storing, but they can also have many other uses around the home. You can instantly add style and function by placing a timber crate within just about any room. If you happen to find an old timber crate at an antique shop of a fair, you can find a lot of creative uses for it around your home.

Homemade Shelving

You might not be a professional carpenter, but you can create awesome shelves by using timber crates. The design of timber crates makes them the perfect item to use when building a storage shelf. You can add this type of shelving to your home office or even your kitchen. You can add as many timber crates as you need to create storage space that is pretty, but also functional. Just be sure that all timber crates are secure and not at risk of toppling over.

Flower Planter

Instead of buying flower planters at the store, you can transform timber crates of all sizes into flower planters. Depending on the size and sections of the crates, you can add as many flowers or plants as you desire. Old timber creates that are worn and beaten look great when you add colorful flowers. You can even use these flower filled creates as the centerpiece on your kitchen island or on your dining room table. If you are looking for a unique container for planting flowers, all you need is an old timber crate.

Party Décor

When you are trying to come up with fun décor items for a party you have many options to choose from, but none are as visually appealing as timber crates. Timber crates can have many uses from storing party favors to being the accessory pieces near the bar. You can paint the timber crates different colors to match with the theme of the party. The style options are endless when you use timber crates for decorating purposes.

Soda Crate

Many of the first timber crates that were manufactured were actually used to store soda bottles. You can use timber crates for their original use by filling this type of crate with glass soda bottles. This can be the perfect way to store beverages at a BBQ or any outdoor party. You can even add logos to the timber crates to make them look even more authentic when storing glass soda bottles. An old timber crate doesn't need to be tossed out, because it can have so many uses around your home.