3 Cool Ways to Upgrade Your Static Caravan

A static caravan is a good investment. It comes in handy when you need some space away from all the life's drama, and a life saver when it comes to creating the perfect holidays. Unfortunately, without care, these caravans get old pretty fast. If you bought yours a long time ago, then it's probably time you give it an upgrade. This may seem like quite a challenge, but it's easier than you think. Here are some great upgrades you can make to get rid of that lifeless look and also improve their efficiency.  

Upgrade the Exterior

A large number of static caravans in parks have an aluminium exterior. You can easily get rid of that look by using a material like vinyl cladding to give your home a fresh glamorous look. Additionally, vinyl also has high insulating properties, so the cold climates won't bother you as much.

You could also add a veranda to the outdoors if you've got the space. A veranda would really add style to your caravan and give it a pleasant modernistic feel. Here's where you can enjoy your dinners in the warm summer months.

Go for Double Glazed Windows

Older caravans come with single-glazed windows and with so many efforts geared towards energy saving, these windows are declining in numbers pretty fast. Such windows lose so much heat, and they are about 10 to 20 times worse than an insulated wall. Double-glazed windows, on the other hand, go a long way in preventing heat loss. The science behind them is simple. Two panes of glass are separated by a layer of gas that acts as an insulator to prevent heat loss. Such an upgrade would come in handy particularly if you're planning to use the caravan in the winters. Double-glazed windows additionally reduce condensation, which in return minimises any probability of formation of mould.

Remodel the Interior

Tweaking the interior is a lot easier to the DIY enthusiastic, and it doesn't cost much too. You could start with the kitchen and all you have to do is replace all the old stuff with new ones. Get rid of the rusty kitchen sink, old cabinets and even the cupboard handles.

Another good tip is replacing the seat coverings. This can really transform the interior look of the caravan. Additionally, add a coat of paint to your walls. Since the interior of a caravan is not as huge, go for brighter colours to give the space a larger feel. You could also replace the blinds and curtains for newer and better ones.