How to Recycle Your Old Concrete

If you are completing home renovation projects, you might end up with some leftover concrete that needs to be disposed of. However, you shouldn't just throw it in your regular waste bin and have it picked up. Having rubble, such as with concrete, in landfills is becoming a growing a problem. Here are some ways to recycle the concrete and dispose of it properly.

Reuse the Concrete Rubble

Before you think about recycling the concrete rubble, consider ways you can reuse it instead. While you might have pulled up your concrete patio and now have quite a bit of concrete leftover, that doesn't mean it can't be used elsewhere around your home. Perhaps in your backyard you want to add a path or walkway, which you can do by cutting the concrete into flat pieces to use as steps. You can also create raised garden beds in your yard with the concrete.

Have a Recycling Company Pick it Up

When it comes to recycling the concrete, there are a few options, beginning with going through a recycling company. You need to find a recycling company that specialises in taking construction materials like concrete. They will often grind it up until it reaches its aggregate dust form, then use it to make more concrete or other construction materials. This keeps it out of landfills and helps the environment at the same time. Some recycling companies are willing to pick it up for you.

Contact Local Landscaping Companies

You might also be able to give the concrete rubble to a landscaping company, who can use it for their own projects. A landscaper might be making custom walkway stones for a client, and needs some concrete for the project. They might also be building landscaping elements, like a retaining wall, and prefer using concrete that would otherwise end up in landfills. They save money and help the environment in the process.

Rent a Skip Bin For Disposal

If you need to dispose of the concrete on your own, ask a local skip bin company if they have bins for recycling demolition or construction materials. Don't get a regular skip bin where you put typical waste for the landfills. They need to know you intend to dispose of concrete and will give you the bin that lets you recycle the rubble. This is a convenient option since the skip bin is dropped off, then picked up when you're done.