Why Multi-Split AC Systems Are an Ideal Choice for Commercial Air Conditioning

Most industrial HVAC equipment suppliers provide wide a range of products including air conditioners, heat pumps, ventilators, humidifiers, etc., for both commercial and industrial applications. If you are currently shopping around for an efficient AC unit for your commercial building, you should consider installing a multi-split AC system. Like many other commercial building owners or managers in your situation, you might first want to know why multi-split AC units are an ideal choice for commercial space. Here are some good reasons as to why installing a multi-split AC system in your commercial premises would be a great investment.

Cost efficiency

If you are looking for a cost efficient way of cooling a large commercial building with several rooms, installing a multi-split AC system is the way to go. The fact that you will have several indoor units relying on a single outdoor unit instead of an equal number of outdoor units means you will be able to save big on energy use. The energy savings will translate into lower energy bills, which will, in turn, reduce your operating costs. 

Space savings

In business, every inch of space is vital, so you need to make the most out of the available space. A multi-split AC unit allows the temperature of different rooms within a building to be individually regulated by a single outdoor (condenser) unit. This eliminates the need to have an outdoor unit for every indoor unit. As a result, this helps save a lot of space alfresco when compared to installing multiple single-split units. Multi-split systems are an excellent option for those who do not have extra external space on their commercial properties.


If the exterior appearance of your commercial premises matters a great deal to you, a multi-split AC unit would work well. As already mentioned, only a single external unit will be installed outside of your premises, and with the help of experienced HVAC installers, you can find a discreet location for it. This can be quite difficult to achieve if you have to install numerous outdoor units as is the case with single-split units. Therefore, multi-split systems are a perfect choice for commercial building owners or managers who are keen on preserving the appearance of their external space. 

Keep in mind that like other types of AC units, multi-split systems also require proper maintenance to keep functioning reliably and efficiently over their entire lifespan. An HVAC installer, like those at MTA Australasia, can also help you in that regard.