What to Look at When Choosing a Boom Lift for Your Job

When it comes to performing work in high areas, there are many different types of aerial work platforms that can be used. Boom lifts are a popular choice for many employers and workers alike because they come in different sizes and configurations to fit different applications.

If you are looking to hire a boom lift for a specific job, you can be easily overwhelmed with the choices available for you to choose from. Below are some of the main factors to consider when choosing a boom lift for your job.

The maximum height of the work area

Generally speaking, boom lifts can reach greater heights than other types of aerial lifts. However, the platform heights that they provide varies depending on the type and model of the machine you choose. 

Before selecting a boom for your job, determine the maximum height of the area at which work is to be performed. Once you know this height, choose a boom lift that can safely reach that height.

When choosing the right platform height for your boom, it is important to consider the working height of your employees. Make sure they can safely access the entire work area while standing on the work platform. 

The maximum weight the boom lift can support

All boom lifts have a maximum weight limit that must not be exceeded. Exceeding this limit would put your boom at risk of collapse, jeopardising the safety of those working from height.

Prior to choosing a boom for your task, figure out the heaviest weight that you will want the machine to support at any given time. Ideally, you should consider the weight of the people who will work from the elevated platforms, as well as the weight of any tools and supplies they will be bringing along.

Make sure you choose a machine that can support the weight of the total load it will be carrying at any particular moment that it is in use.

How the boom can be moved

Some boom lifts can be angled while others can be moved just vertically. The type of boom you choose for your job may simply depend on how the machine can be moved. If you are going to work in areas with limited space, the manoeuvrability of a boom that can be angled will really come in handy.

Like other elevating work platforms, boom lifts can be a safety hazard for workers when not used, maintained or stored appropriately. With that said, it's vital to ensure that your employees are adequately trained in the safe use of the type of boom lift to be used for your job. If you don't have the appropriate staff for the job, consider the wet hire option. That way, your machine will come with the appropriate staff needed to safely operate it.