Why Buy Welding Helmets With Built-In Respirators?

If you want to buy new welding helmets, then you should look for products with a mix of safety and ease-of-use features. It's worth looking at helmets with built-in respiration systems. What are the benefits of adding respirators to your helmet protection?

Keep Your Welders Safer

Welding can create some harmful substances. As your welders work, they will be exposed to gases and particulates. These substances can cause health problems, especially if people breathe them in regularly or for long periods.

Your welders can also run into problems if they work on more intense or longer jobs. They might get feel constricted if they don't feel like they are getting any fresh air. They might be tempted to flip up their screens or even take off their helmets for a quick break if they need to cool down or feel more comfortable. When they do this, they expose themselves to more risks. For example, sparks could hit their eyes or face if they work with an open screen. Or they could get burned. 

If you supply welding helmets with built-in respirators, then you keep your welders safe. The helmet has strong seals to keep gas and particulates out. So, you reduce the chances of anyone developing short-term or long-term respiratory problems. Plus, the respirator feeds purified air into the helmet so that your welders can breathe easily without lifting up their helmet screens or taking them off. They'll work more safely and have fewer accidents. 

Improve Your Productivity Levels

Wearing a regular welding helmet can be hard work. Sometimes, welders get too hot in their helmets. They might feel that they can't breathe freely. They might need to take regular breaks if they have these problems. They might need to remove their helmets to cool down or to take a breath of fresh air. 

The more breaks your welders have to take, the more their productivity dips. They might not be able to work as fast as you need them to. Plus, if they feel too hot, then they might start to dehydrate. This saps their energy. 

Welding helmets with respirators are more comfortable to wear. The air they feed in works kind of like air conditioning. It helps your workers stay cool and feel more comfortable. Their productivity should increase. For the most comfortable solution, look for helmets that filter and purify their air, such as Speedglas Adflo helmets. To find out more, contact a local welding equipment supplier.