Four Tips For Choosing Secure Dog Fencing

If you live in a rural area, or if you have a large property that your dog must roam freely on, it can be difficult to keep them safe. Dogs are naturally curious and will often wander into areas where they could encounter wild animals or other dogs. Here are four tips for choosing secure dog fencing.

1. Look For Dog Fencing With A Sturdy Gate

The gate of your dog fencing should be sturdy enough to withstand the force of a large dog running into it. You don't want your dog to be able to push through the fence or jump over it, so make sure that you choose a product with a solid gate. The latch should be made of metal or heavy plastic, and it should be placed on an angle so that your dog can't get his teeth around it. This will help ensure that your dog stays safe when he is outside.

2. Choose Dog Fencing That Is Tall Enough 

There are many different types of wire fences, including chain link and wood panels. Each of these will keep pets inside their yard except if they climb over them. If you have a large dog, make sure that the fence is tall enough so that it cannot jump over it or dig under it. Dogs can climb over fences with ease, so you may want to consider installing a solid wall or concrete blocks around the perimeter of your yard instead of using fencing alone if you have an escape artist on your hands.

3. Consider A Choice Of Electric Dog Fencing 

If you have a dog who is prone to wandering off-leash, or if you live in an area with lots of wildlife, it may be best to install an electric fence for them. Electric fences are easy to use and safe for all dogs as long as they don't come into contact with the wires (which would cause them pain).

4. Look for Fencing That Has a High Tensile Strength

The tensile strength of a wire is its ability to withstand pulling on both ends without breaking or being stretched out of shape over time. You should choose a fence with high tensile strength so it will be strong enough to keep your dog from escaping from the yard when he tries to jump over it or dig under it during stormy weather when there's more moisture in the ground than usual.

When you're looking for a fence for your dog, you want to make sure it's secure. You should also consider how easy it is to install, how much it costs and how much maintenance it requires. Chat with a rural fencing professional to find out more today.