4 Reasons to Use a Scissor Lift Instead of Scaffolding

Scaffolding was once the go-to option for any jobs that required work to be conducted above ground level, but it is no longer the only option. More and more industrial sites are using scissor lifts instead. These are self-moving platforms that can be moved vertically using a lifting mechanism, and they offer several compelling benefits over scaffolding.

Here are just four. 

1. Greater Safety

Safety is always going to be a key concern when workers will be working above ground level, and scissor lifts generally offer a safer option than scaffolding. This is largely because scissor lift bases are more stable – most even use outriggers for even greater stability. Additionally, the fact workers are elevated with the platform means they don't have to climb up and down as they would on scaffolding. This reduces the likelihood of accidents, especially when the grip is compromised by moisture or adverse weather.

2. Superior Convenience  

Even when workers have put together and taken apart scaffolding many times before, it's still a process likely to take a fair amount of time and effort. In contrast, a scissor lift can be moved into position and then raised to the correct height in just a few minutes. When workers need to move up or down, the lift can be minutely adjusted to meet their needs. When they need to access another part of a site, a scissor lift can be moved in a fraction of the time it would take to disassemble and reassemble scaffolding.

3. Improved Access

It used to be that scaffolding could be placed in many areas scissor lifts could not reach, but the opposite is now true. The latest scissor lifts incorporate features such as self-levelling technology, all-terrain wheels and even track systems to help them operate across a wide range of sites. This means you can now take scissor lifts into areas where scaffolding would be hard to set up, such as sites with uneven terrain.

4. Easier Storage

Even if you're hiring rather than buying scaffolding or a scissor lift, you may need to store it at some point. This can be tricky when you opt for scaffolding since it takes up a fair amount of space. Things are considerably easier with scissor lifts. One scissor lift can take the place of many pieces of scaffolding, and the entire apparatus takes up a very small amount of space once fully lowered. As such, storing scissor lifts should be easy even when space is at a premium.

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