How to Choose the Right Automotive Lift for Use at Home

Most commercial garages will be equipped with car lifts that pick the vehicle off the ground and make it easier for the mechanic to walk around freely under the car, and to access all its parts and systems. If you like to work on cars at home, you can have the same type of lift for your own garage. This can make it easier to work on your vehicle and also make it safer, as your car may be less likely to fall off a lift than a jack.

Understanding Some Basic Terminology When Buying an Industrial Air Cannon

An industrial air cannon is often used to clear materials that get stuck in silos and other large bins, and they can also be used to help empty railcars that are delivering bulk materials. Some materials may get soft or sticky or otherwise become difficult to empty after having traveled any distance in a rail car or because of long-term storage, being exposed to weather extremes, humidity, and the like. When you're ready to buy an industrial air cannon, it might be helpful to understand some basic terminology so you know what to look for and ensure you get the right type for your facility.

Replacement Hydraulic Seals: Selecting Materials for Commercial Machinery

Hydraulic seals are critical in the operation of most modern commercial machinery, including industrial, construction and general warehousing equipment like forklift. These components are designed to prevent leaks between joints in the hoses, pipes and cylinders. If these are not secure, strong or are worn out, the operation of the machine will be compromised. This is because the working pressure of the hydraulic system will not be maintained. Therefore, you will need to purchase hydraulic seals to restore the integrity of the system.

You Will Find These 4 Tips Very Useful When Hiring a Scissor Lift

If you have a construction project and you are looking for a way to lift materials, loads, and workers, a scissor lift is a piece of equipment you will find very handy. While ladders may perform the same function as scissor lifts, they may be risky and time consuming, especially when the ladders have to be moved from one place to another. However, to get the most out of a scissor lift, you will have to get the best one for the job.

Simple Troubleshooting Tips for an Electric Motor

Some checks for an electric motor that is acting up are quite simple, more so than checking for engine trouble under your car's hood. This is because problems with an electric motor may be caused by wiring and other simple parts that are easy to pinpoint and replace, rather than all the complicated systems and parts that can cause a car engine to fail. If you have an electric motor that is acting up, begin with these simple checks and note if you can address the problem yourself.